Aya Haidar

How Art Dubai's Inclusive New Direction Is A Win For Us All

March 13, 2019 - Emma Hodgson_ Graizame

Another such partnership sees the work of Aya Haidar on display this year. The Lebanese-British artist, was born in the US, lived in Saudi Arabia until she was six, before relocating to the UK. Speaking about her upbringing, she reveals, “It’s such a big mix, it’s something that I wanted to be able to place my own narrative on.”


“All my work uses objects I’ve reappropriated. It’s important because there are stories that are inherent in these objects One of the main aspects of Aya’s work focuses on used items. “All my work uses objects I’ve reappropriated. It’s important because there are stories that are inherent in these objects she continues. Her work documents the effects of war, and the changes which have taken place in Lebanon over the past 50 years and further in the country’s past. 


Saudi Arabia’s Contemporary Art Scene Is Suddenly Buzzing, With the Crown Prince’s Blessing—and His Backing

February 27, 2018 - Arsalan Mohammad_ Artnet

“Saudi is the fastest-evolving society I have been to,” the formerly Jeddah-based artist Aya Haidar told artnet News. “The levels of creativity, from underground poetry slams to rooftop book fairs…. Everyday change is owned by the people.” The changes, she says, are part of a “bottom-up process that is forcing the formal structures ‘up top’ to listen and adapt toward a modern-day Saudi.”


The new Misk Art Institute is planning an art center in Riyadh, an Arab art festival in New York in October, and an educational exchange program that will send Saudi artists to California. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman first tapped Ahmed Mater, one of Saudi’s best-known artists, to head up the institute about a year and a half ago.



Saudi Art Council Gears Up For Annual Contemporary Art Event

February 5, 2018 - Katrina Kufer_ Harper's Bazaar Arabia

21,39 is back for its fifth edition under the theme 'Refusing To Be Still' and will show across multiple venues in Jeddah from 7 February to 5 May.

Featuring over 30 Saudi and international artists, this year’s edition of 21,39 takes a fresh look at the growing Saudi contemporary art landscape. Taking place across three venues, the main group exhibition Refusing To Be Still will be held at the Gold Moor Mall, Rubat Al Khunji and an empty PepsiCo factory. A second group exhibition is hosted at ATHR gallery entitled The Clocks Are Striking Thirteen, while a third exhibition will showcase works by Ahmed Mater in Drum Roll, Please at King Abdullah Economic City. A diverse offering of family activities, book launches and trips are also scheduled.


Berlin Art Week: 10 things you shouldn't miss at ABC.

September 15, 2016 - By Monopol Magazine

First you think: Oh, a few post cards, how nostalgic. Move closer, you can see the embroidery on the images. Times bathers on the romantic cliffs wearing orange life jackets, as they have become a symbol for refugees, even additional tents in a mountainous landscape are embroidered. The London artist Aya Haidar has collected 100 postcards from vacation destinations in the fortress of Europe for her project titled "Wish you were here" and edited, and added a new dimension to the holiday.