ATHR is proud to announce   ‘Opening Remarks’ an exhibition that focuses on the next generation of art appreciators and collectors. It is essential to our objectives in ATHR to look at the art and cultural space as an integrated and complete echo system. The aim is to level the collector base of the art echo system. Creating a state-of-the-art wave of young collectors.  Collecting art is not only about ownership; it’s contributing to the cultural aspect of a society. Being a part of something bigger than you. It’s having a miniature piece of history.

We recognize that the contemporary art market in Saudi Arabia is a young one that could be challenging to understand. ‘Opening Remarks’ is an exhibition that aspires to bring art near to those who are yearning to learn more about it, and offer an accessible window to the gripping art world. 

Introduction to Collecting will involve panel discussions and talks from established art collectors and artists to help eliminate any misconceptions regarding art collection. The exhibition intends to engage with the young people who make up such a large portion of our society & make them feel involved and able to own a part of the thriving regional art scene.

The selection will be based on well-established artists that have a presences within the art world. Merging established artists with cost-effective artworks.

Participating Artists:

Amba Sayal-Bennett – Ayman Yossri –Dana Awartani - Farida El Gazzar – Hala Schoukair - Nasser Alsalem - Muhannad Shono - Sara Abdo - Samir Sayegh - Kamrooz Aram