Pen to Paper

Athr Gallery, in collaboration with Al Madad Foundation, is pleased to announce Pen to Paper, a group exhibition of works from private collections across the Middle East in support of literacy programs for disadvantaged children.

An auction conducted by Sotheby’s will accompany the opening of the exhibition, the proceeds of which will fund Al Madad Foundation's affiliated education initiative Iqra’ for disadvantaged Lebanese children, as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Pen to Paper will serve as an arena to display the invaluable pieces accumulated across the region and give the main contributors and supporters of the contemporary art world a platform to share their understanding and reasoning behind their choices, in a bid to plant the seed of inspiration amongst future generations. This group exhibition is specifically curated to create a dialogue between artists, collectors, and audience and aims to question the diffusion of information, notions of knowledge and truth as well as the power of misinformation.