Kingdom of art dazzles at Athr Gallery

May 8, 2013 - By Afra Naushad for Arab News

The Young Saudi Artists (YSA) exhibition was initiated by Athr Gallery three years ago to serve as an incubation program for new artistic talents across the country to showcase emerging social attitudes in art. And in the same vein, each YSA term has no doubt progressed in bringing for the fresh names to the artist’s roster. But the important question remains whether the platform has been used in its full potential for those with a voice and an idea to share, if not sell.

Athr Gallery is proud to present its third edition of Young Saudi Artists exhibition, YSA13 in Jeddah.

The open call annual exhibition aims as always to unearth exceptional young Saudi talents under the age of 30, exploring many of life's aspects which make them unique, yet global. This year, the exhibition focuses on identity, limitations of freedom, and youth's most influential element; change, driven by their unreserved sense of curiosity.  These expressions are realized through diverse mediums, from acrylic on canvas paintings and ink on paper, to intricate installations and video art.

Participanting Artists:

1- Abdullah Bogis

2- Dana Awartani

3- Nora Al-Issa

4- Mohanna Tayeb

5- Nada Ashy

6- Noorah Kareem

7- Omama Al-Sadiq

8- Rami Al-Qthami

9- Rawa'a Bakhsh

10- Ghada Al-Rabea

11- Abdulaziz Al-Harbi

12- Ahmed Rubat

13- Ayman Zedani

14- Batool Al-Shomrani

15- Hind Al-Ghalayini

16- Huda Beydoun

17- Maha Khalawi

18- Heba Abed