Athr Gallery: Ramadan Nights Journey kicks off

July 29, 2013 - By Mariam Nihal for Saudi Gazette

Athr Gallery places itself as an entity beyond being a commercial gallery, but a cultural center that brings together different talents from across the region and globe

Athr Gallery comes alive with ‘Ramadan Nights’

July 25, 2013 - By Hina Zahir Imam for Arab News

Jeddah’s Athr Gallery launched its ”Ramadan Nights” on Tuesday evening with four different exhibitions.
One of the main highlights of the event was “Strokes in Dialogue,” a joint exhibition of Arabic and Chinese calligraphy by two renowned calligraphers Wong Dongling and Samir Al-Sayegh.

Parallel Lines will see three young Saudi Arabian artists showing a range of innovative new works across the art forms of calligraphy, sculpture and Islamic geometry. This is the first time the three artists have shown their work together in the space bringing together elements inspired by their faith, translated onto paper and into sculptures.

Basmah Felemban, a self taught graphic designer from Jeddah, will exhibit her latest series “Sama Dance”. Her first work Jeem made its debut at the British Museum in 2012 as a sideshow to Journey to the Heart of Islam: Hajj Exhibition. Her work revolves around symbolism in Islamic Art in relation with philosphy and poetry.

Meanwhile, Dana Awartani, a specialist in geometry and illumination, tile work and parquetry will present her Mu’athat series. Dana's art is inspired by traditional art and techniques of craft-making. She is particularly interested in the relationship between geometry and nature and how universal truths can be translated thorugh art using geometric principles.

Finally, Abdulaziz Al Resheedi’s calligraphy work will encompass traditional calligraphy. Abdulaziz experiments with different calligrahpic compositions ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.